Products Offered

Products Offered

Pioneering the Proof of Funds program, we have developed a system that enables qualified participants to keep their funds in their account, there will be no admin hold or blocked funds. Please call to be briefed on the POF PROGRAM after filling the LOI in the Documents Tab.

Bank Instrument Application – Instrument Cost:

The POF provided by the Client will be utilized by AA Finance Group Inc. or our affiliates to purchase or lease a bank instrument or several instruments by a (BG/SBLC) application with the Collateral Provider.

The instrument, lease and purchase cost depend on the market conditions for a Contract amount of 100M (minimum) up to 10B or more. It is co-related to the amount of the proof of Funds provided by the Client and the instrument price.

***Collateral Provider is available in the source of private investors and venture capitalists of the Platform.


The bank instrument is to be issued to the benefit of AA Finance Group Inc.  (the Platform) as the Beneficiary of said instrument which will be monetized against non-recourse funding basis/ Loan to Value (LTV) at 60% of the Face value of the instrument (for Leased SBLC) or 80% of the SBLC face value (for purchased BG/SBLC) within 5-7 banking days.

***We Monetize and trade the proceeds for the Capital enhancement program.

AA FINANCE GROUP IS THE MONETIZER along with its affiliates.

Our Products

Fundraising & Financial Advice

Assistance in Banking Transaction

International Financial Engineering

Commodity Trading & Digital Assets

Bank instrument Lease & Purchase

Bank instrument Monetization/Trade

Bank Draft (BD)

Bank Guarantee (BG)

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Medium- and Long-Term Note (MTN)

Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

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