Who We Are

The AA Finance Group, which is an existing Energy and Shipping company, is committed to purchasing an ocean-going oil tanker, to purchasing aviation fuels, diesel fuels, and crude oil, to transporting such fuels to buyers located worldwide, and to selling such fuels at significant profit margins. The Company will be establishing an Oil Trading Platform and Owning and Operating Ocean-going Ships.

In the course of securing these objectives, the Company is dedicated to meeting the legal requirements to develop and maintain a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP). The SEEMP is a management tool to assist ship owners in managing the energy efficiency of their ships. It is applicable on a voluntary basis at present and is designed to provide the framework, against which, a ship owner can develop best practice and energy efficient operations.

With respect to SEEMP, the Company will be promoting the purpose of a SEEMP, creating the framework and structure of a SEEMP, articulating the best practices for the fuel efficient operation of its ships, pushing forward the industry initiatives in the management of ship energy efficiency, and encouraging the role of senior ship officers in developing, implementing, and maintaining the vessels’ SEEMP.

The world's waterways from inland lakes and rivers to oceans and seas carry goods and people worldwide. Freighters and container ships move cargo; tankers move oil; roll-on/roll-off ships move cars and other vehicles; and cruise ships carry people to far-flung destinations. Unless you live near ocean ports or busy river ways, you might not realize the reach of impact of this business sector, also called the maritime industry.