Management Team

Kapil Sud – Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kapil Sud and Captain Rogelio J. Diaz, his Director of Maritime Operations, have over 60 years of experience in each and every aspect of buying/selling crude oil, the shipping of crude oil, refined products such as aviation fuels and diesel fuels, the loading and documentation requirements for traversing the globe to deliver shiploads to destination points, maritime captaining of ships of virtually all dimensions, tonnages and carrying capacities, and selling the liquid bulk to awaiting buyers internationally at substantially profitable margins.

Kapil has deep experience and expertise in the Oil Business he has shipped millions of barrels of oil, Cars, Ores and Grains from different countries via Trans-Atlantic and Trans Pacific Intercontinental Shipping Routes. Pursuant to that, he has been in the Finance Business since 1985 and now is the President and CEO of AA Finance Group.

Captain Rogelio J. Diaz – Director of Maritime Operations

Capt. Rogelio J. Diaz was is a Merchant Marine Captain with more than 50 years maritime, shipping, ship building working experience in different positions, and in the command of oil tankers in the management of Super Tankers around the world, He is graduate from the Merchant Marine Academy in his Country and has post-graduate degree from Spain and Panama. He is also an attorney with several post-grades in Maritime Law and Regulation from London and Leningrad. During his professional career, he had more than 18 years at sea as a Captain and also worked as a Surveyor in different shipyards around the world in Japan, Spain, France, and Italy in the construction of vessels for general cargo and oil tankers. He also was a nominated Flag Surveyor for the Government of Panama and also surveyor for Panama Shipping Register in an ‘A’ class company from Panama. In the last 10 years, he was the General Manager of a fleet of vessels running in the Caribbean are, and he also worked as an official in AA Financial and AA Finance Group, Inc. in the operation of moving oil products around the world. The experience over the years has given Capt. Diaz with exceptional expertise in handling the oil business and its operations in their entirety, including Chartering, Contracting, and associated fields. Captain Diaz is based in Miami, Florida.

In association with Captain Diaz, we have a combined experience of over 60 years in the maritime and shipping industry and have the expertise that covers the entire spectrum of the business. Also very well versed with the financial aspect pertaining to the business. Both Capt. Diaz and Kapil Sud are very widely travelled, to every continent. We have the expertise to conduct the shipping and the buying and selling of oil and derivatives and both are hands down kind of executives who believe in producing results. We have buyers that are in contract to purchase various fuels from us, and we have the sellers who are able to supply fuel to us. Kapil and AA Finance Group and AA Shipping Group are based in San Clemente CA. USA.